"I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am. I am. I am. ~ Slyvia Plath

Photos from a time I wasn't able to breathe much at all, bronchitis lungs, baby occupying my center, and a winter of dirty air and little sunshine. On this day I found my lungs clear with the clean, heavy air of green space. I felt sunshine. I felt lightness. I felt alive. Every breath this day was a gift.

A huge thank you to one of my very best friends, Cynthia, for being my muse this cold, winter day.

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Contax 645 ~ Fuji 400H ~ Photovision Film Lab ~ Shop Gossamer Gown

Katelin and Tony ~ Cliffrose Lodge Wedding

The mountains are calling, and I must go ~ John Muir springdalewedding_0001_greenapplephotography

Here is a peak and Katelin and Tony's beautiful wedding in the shadow of Zion National Park. Zion always makes my heart sing, and I was honored to share in this beautiful, epic, absolutely amazing day at the Cliffrose Lodge in Springdale, Utah. From thoughtful details (local agate and stone, prickly pear cocktails, succulents and custom invitations,) to a sweet Ceremony and killer dance party, it was a perfect day! Thank you so much for having me out to share with you two!

springdalewedding_0002_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0003_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0004_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0005_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0006_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0007_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0008_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0009_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0010_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0011_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0012_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0013_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0014_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0015_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0016_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0017_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0018_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0019_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0020_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0021_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0022_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0023_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0024_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0025_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0026_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0027_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0028_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0029_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0030_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0031_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0032_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0033_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0034_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0035_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0036_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0037_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0038_greenapplephotographyspringdalewedding_0039_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0040_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0041_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0042_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0043_greenapplephotographyspringdalewedding_0044_greenapplephotographyspringdalewedding_0045_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0046_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0047_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0048_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0049_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0050_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0051_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0052_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0053_greenapplephotography springdalewedding_0054_greenapplephotography

Florals: By Bloomers ~ Venue: Cliffrose Lodge ~ Cake: Sweet Tooth Fairy

Invitation Design: Tara Stephens ~ Gown: Love and Lace Bridal ~ Ring: 9th & 9th Jewelers

Suit: Custom made in Vietnam ~ Band: Friends of the couple ~ Wedding Planning: Zion Party Rentals

Maddy and Garrett ~ Utah Mountain Bridals

Utah Wedding Photographer What's better than putting your wedding dress on once? Putting it on a second time! Maddy and Garrett had such a lovely wedding day, we decided to head out on a "slightly" warmer Autumn afternoon, and do a post-wedding and bridal session in the Utah mountains. There is probably nothing better than the Utah Mountains in the Autumn. Maaaaaybe salted chocolate. I'm so lucky to have spent this happy afternoon with Maddy and Garrett, documenting their almost-year anniversary. What a sweet way to honor their happiness.

Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer

Gown: Leanne Marshall via Alta Moda

Kokedama Garden ~ Utah Bride & Groom Magazine Editorial

It was a dream creating this secret kokedama garden on a snowy day with Allison of La Fete Floral. We are incredibly honored to have it featured in Utah Bride and Groom Magazine's current publication. A huge thank you to all the amazing vendors, listed below, who inspired and created with us.

greenapplephotography_0001_kokedama greenapplephotography_0002_kokedama greenapplephotography_0003_kokedama greenapplephotography_0004_kokedama greenapplephotography_0005_kokedama greenapplephotography_0006_kokedama greenapplephotography_0007_kokedama greenapplephotography_0008_kokedama greenapplephotography_0009_kokedama greenapplephotography_0010_kokedama greenapplephotography_0011_kokedama greenapplephotography_0012_kokedama greenapplephotography_0013_kokedama greenapplephotography_0014_kokedama greenapplephotography_0015_kokedama greenapplephotography_0016_kokedama greenapplephotography_0017_kokedama greenapplephotography_0018_kokedama greenapplephotography_0019_kokedama greenapplephotography_0020_kokedama greenapplephotography_0021_kokedama greenapplephotography_0022_kokedama greenapplephotography_0023_kokedama greenapplephotography_0024_kokedama greenapplephotography_0025_kokedama greenapplephotography_0026_kokedama greenapplephotography_0027_kokedama greenapplephotography_0028_kokedama greenapplephotography_0029_kokedama

Photography/Creator/Stylist: Green Apple Photography ~ Florals/Creator/Stylist: Allison Baddley/La Fete Floral and Design ~ Cake: Cakes de Fleur ~ Gown: Avenia Bridal ~ Suit: Beckett Robb ~ MUA: April Benincosa ~ Paper Goods: October Ink ~ Lighting: Moonlighting Utah ~ Rentals: Diamond Rental ~ Jewelery: Katie Waltman ~ Venue: Trolley Square ~ Decor: Anthropologie/West Elm ~ Models: Jacee Horne & Stafford Thomas

Caroline and Jack ~ Snowbasin Wedding

greenapplephotography_001_utahfilmphotographer Snow and Peonies, Family and Intimacy, Springtime and Mountains: Caroline and Jack's wedding was filled with moments that were tender and hilarious, beautiful and awe-inspiring. I love the changing of the seasons, and that winter hadn't quite let go of her snowy hold for Caroline and Jack's spring wedding: beautiful example of extremes from the top to bottom of the mountain. Maybe life is like that sometimes, beauty in the extremes. A million wishes for Caroline and Jack and their life to hold just as much love and adventure as this beautiful day in late May.

greenapplephotography_002_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_003_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_004_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_005_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_006_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_007_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_008_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_009_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_010_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_011_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_012_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_013_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_014_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_015_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_016_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_017_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_018_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_019_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_020_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_021_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_022_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_023_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_024_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_025_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_026_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_027_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_028_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_029_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_030_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_031_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_032_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_033_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_034_utahfilmphotographer greenapplephotography_035_utahfilmphotographer

Vendors: | Venue, Catering, and Bakery – Snowbasin Ski Resort | Floral – Blossom Sweet | Wedding Planning, Rentals, and Linens – FUSE Weddings and Events | Stationery – Julie Hanan Design | Calligraphy – Karlie Noel Calligraphy | Favors – Dodd Coffee | Favor Bags – Details on Demand | Videography – Jared Fadel | Band – Jersey Street | Hair and Makeup – Stephanie Brinkerhoff | Gown – Whittingham Bridal

Amanda and Landon ~ Utah Spring Wedding

storyboard001 It was a Spring day, cloudy and slightly chilly.

The day was suppose to rain, and then it didn't.

She wore a fitted, beaded gown, he wore a blue suit.

He made her laugh. She held his hand.

The sun glowed when they danced.

Then he spun and kissed her. They could see the whole world.

Amanda and Landon have a million stories in their hearts from their wedding. I'm just here to get help that memory be tangible. To be revisited and remembered and cherished. Congratulations Amanda and Landon.

greenapple_002_AmandaWedding greenapple_003_AmandaWedding2015-07-26_0132 2015-07-26_0133 greenapple_001_AmandaWeddinggreenapple_005_AmandaWedding greenapple_006_AmandaWedding greenapple_007_AmandaWedding greenapple_008_AmandaWedding greenapple_009_AmandaWedding greenapple_010_AmandaWedding greenapple_011_AmandaWedding greenapple_012_AmandaWedding greenapple_013_AmandaWedding greenapple_014_AmandaWedding greenapple_015_AmandaWedding greenapple_016_AmandaWedding greenapple_017_AmandaWedding greenapple_018_AmandaWedding greenapple_019_AmandaWedding greenapple_020_AmandaWedding greenapple_021_AmandaWedding greenapple_022_AmandaWedding greenapple_023_AmandaWedding greenapple_024_AmandaWedding greenapple_025_AmandaWedding greenapple_026_AmandaWedding greenapple_027_AmandaWedding greenapple_028_AmandaWedding greenapple_029_AmandaWedding greenapple_030_AmandaWedding greenapple_031_AmandaWedding greenapple_032_AmandaWedding greenapple_033_AmandaWedding greenapple_034_AmandaWedding greenapple_035_AmandaWedding greenapple_036_AmandaWedding greenapple_037_AmandaWedding greenapple_038_AmandaWedding greenapple_039_AmandaWedding greenapple_040_AmandaWedding greenapple_041_AmandaWedding greenapple_042_AmandaWedding greenapple_043_AmandaWedding greenapple_044_AmandaWedding greenapple_045_AmandaWedding greenapple_046_AmandaWedding greenapple_047_AmandaWedding greenapple_048_AmandaWedding greenapple_049_AmandaWedding greenapple_050_AmandaWedding greenapple_051_AmandaWedding greenapple_052_AmandaWedding greenapple_053_AmandaWedding greenapple_054_AmandaWedding greenapple_055_AmandaWedding

Vendors: Dress and veil: The Perfect Dress ~ Flowers: Frostwood Designs ~ Invitations: Piper Morgan
Bridesmaid Dresses: Susan Memmott Allred ~ Groom's Tux: True Gentleman Supply Co.
Groom' Shoes and Socks: Aldo ~ Bride's Shoes: Anthropologie
Groomsman Pants: H&M ~ Videographers: Fielding Films
Cake: Liz Goodell ~ DJ: Josiah Kinikini ~ Caterer: Lori Tolbert

Charity and Ian | Utah Autumn Wedding

Fall_Wedding_Utah_0002_greenapplephotography Clear eyes, full hearts.

That's the way Charity and Ian see the world and it's the way they love everyone in that world.

I'm just so grateful I was able to spin in their orbit for a little bit. One little story. Charity and Ian hand wrote thank you letters to every single wedding dinner guest, including me. I was incredibly touched and I feel like that sums up the two of them pretty well. Always paying it forward, adding to the goodness in the world.

You can view Charity's lovely blog here, where she chronicles their love story and adventure.

Fall_Wedding_Utah_0003_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0004_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0006_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0007_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0009_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0011_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0013_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0014_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0015_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0016_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0017_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0018_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0019_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0020_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0021_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0022_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0024_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0027_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0028_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0029_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0030_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0031_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0032_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0033_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0034_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0035_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0037_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0038_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0039_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0040_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0041_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0042_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0043_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0044_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0045_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0046_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0047_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0048_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0049_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0050_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0051_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0052_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0053_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0054_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0055_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0056_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0057_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0058_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0059_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0060_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0061_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0062_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0063_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0064_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0065_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0066_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0067_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0068_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0069_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0070_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0071_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0072_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0073_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0074_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0075_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0076_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0077_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0078_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0079_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0080_greenapplephotography

Bridal:The Perfect Dress / Suit:HM Cole / Videography: West End Creative Group / Floral and Decor:Lindsay Spencer / Invitations: October Ink, Bjorn Press / DJ: Eli Eyre / Catering: Cozette Carlson, Seine Macarons / Rentals: All out Tent and Event Rental / Rings: Adiamore and Melanie Casey Jewelry / Bridesmaids: Boden, ASOS, Anthropologie

Devon & Jake ~ Published Utah Bride Blog ~ Homestead Resort

storyboard001I'm so excited to share Devon and Jake's beautiful summer wedding, which is currently featured in Utah Bride blog's lovely, online magazine. Devon are the epitome of grace and kindness. I loved every second of working with them, from their sweet pups Utley and Scout and Carousel, to the beautiful flowers and gown. It was a perfect and happy day. Thank you Devon and Jake for the beautiful time and Utah Bride Blog for the wonderful feature! Please see below for all the vendors who contributed to make Devon and Jake's such a sweet one.

greenapple_0001_homesteadwedding greenapple_0002_homesteadwedding greenapple_0003_homesteadwedding greenapple_0004_homesteadwedding greenapple_0005_homesteadwedding greenapple_0006_homesteadwedding greenapple_0007_homesteadwedding greenapple_0008_homesteadwedding greenapple_0009_homesteadwedding greenapple_0010_homesteadwedding greenapple_0011_homesteadwedding greenapple_0012_homesteadwedding greenapple_0013_homesteadwedding greenapple_0014_homesteadwedding greenapple_0015_homesteadwedding greenapple_0016_homesteadwedding greenapple_0017_homesteadwedding greenapple_0018_homesteadwedding greenapple_0019_homesteadwedding greenapple_0020_homesteadwedding greenapple_0021_homesteadwedding greenapple_0022_homesteadwedding greenapple_0023_homesteadwedding greenapple_0024_homesteadwedding greenapple_0025_homesteadwedding greenapple_0026_homesteadwedding greenapple_0027_homesteadwedding greenapple_0028_homesteadwedding greenapple_0029_homesteadwedding greenapple_0030_homesteadwedding greenapple_0031_homesteadwedding greenapple_0032_homesteadwedding greenapple_0033_homesteadwedding greenapple_0034_homesteadwedding greenapple_0035_homesteadwedding greenapple_0036_homesteadwedding greenapple_0037_homesteadwedding greenapple_0038_homesteadwedding greenapple_0039_homesteadwedding greenapple_0040_homesteadwedding greenapple_0041_homesteadwedding greenapple_0042_homesteadwedding greenapple_0043_homesteadwedding greenapple_0044_homesteadwedding greenapple_0045_homesteadwedding greenapple_0046_homesteadwedding greenapple_0047_homesteadwedding greenapple_0048_homesteadwedding greenapple_0049_homesteadwedding

Flowers: Flower Afternoon ~ Venue: Homestead Resort ~ Dress: Bride Shop ~ Suit: Jos A Bank ~ Bridesmaids: J.Crew ~ Rings: Blue Nile ~ Life of the Party

Marie Antoinette | Melissa Blackburn | Utah Valley Bride

marie antoinette_0001_greenapplephotographyI feel incredibly lucky to have been asked to contribute to such an incredible, intricate and beautiful Marie Antoinette themed shoot last year. Melissa Blackburn designed and created each of these exquisite dresses, and the shoot was a testament to her immense talent. I'm so excited to share these photos with you and I will link the other photographers who participated down below. It's fun to see how everyone interpreted the scenes differently and in their own unique way. An amazing shout-out to Tinge Floral and Sweet Tooth Fairy for their hard work and beautiful florals and sweets, as well as all the other vendors listed below. And if you want to see more, Mikki Platt's images of the editorial are currently in Utah Valley Bride! Now let's all eat some cake. marie antoinette_0002_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0003_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0004_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0005_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0006_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0007_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0008_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0009_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0010_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0011_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0012_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0013_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0014_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0015_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0016_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0017_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0018_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0019_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0020_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0021_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0022_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0023_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0024_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0025_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0026_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0027_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0028_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0029_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0030_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0031_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0032_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0033_greenapplephotography

Thank you to, Dresses ~ Melissa Blackburn | Creative Directors ~ Melissa Blackburn, Jefra Starr Linn & Mikki Platt | Florals ~ Tinge Floral | Sweets ~ Sweet Tooth Fairy | Make-Up ~ Kissable Complexions | Hair ~ Bethany Loveless, Jessie Ward, Kali Wengreen | Table Styling ~ Karli Elaine Events | Cake ~ Cake-a-licious | Backdrop ~ Penny Jones | Prop Styling ~ Rosie Jarman/My Dear Lizzy | Props ~ Hale Center Theater | Floral Head Piece ~ Brittnay Jepsen/House that Lars Built

Contributing Photographers: Heather Nan, Mikki Platt, Kiera Eve, Crystalyn Nilson, Jefra Star Linn, & Nichole V Models: Katie McDermott, Jacee Murray, Michelle White, Kelsey Lund Murphy, Amanda Larsen, Shaquel Farr, Rosalie Badger Long, Ashlyn Anderson, Chloe Thompson, Sarah Miskin, Suzy Clawson, Camille Romriell, Dani Braun, Chris Clark, Hank and Slade Blackburn

Elyse and David Sundance Wedding ~ Published Utah Bride and Groom

greenapple_sundance_0001I've been waiting to share this wedding for over a year, and the day is finally here! Elyse and David's incredibly thoughtful and beautiful wedding is published in Utah Bride and Groom! I couldn't think of a prettier home for a wedding that was completely heartfelt. This wedding means a lot to me for many reasons. I watched Elyse grow up. I moved into her neighborhood when I was a newlywed myself and ended up being her Church teacher. And I always loved Elyse. She was someone who had a vision for her life, knew what she wanted, had a wicked sense of humor and the warmest heart. We kept in touch over the years, and she met the perfect man in David. They are artists and teachers, living in New York City. Their love story is a special one, one of friendship, support and love in good times and the not so good times. They are both articulate, kind, generous, creative, and adventurous. Elyse and David's vision was to combine Elyse's love of the Utah mountains, with their home in New York City, so rustic big city? The wedding was a family affair of contributing talents, from the Chuppa,  invitations by Elyse's sister, Hannah, and beautiful acoustic music from a close friend.  David drew scenes of New York on the table cards and serenaded Elyse. Their vows brought me to tears, their speeches made me laugh (and mad libs!) and I truly felt that I was witnessing two soul mates starting their journey together.

Congratulations Elyse and David! And Thank you Val at Utah Bride and Groom for the lovely feature in the new magazine!

greenapple_sundance_0002greenapple_sundance_0003 greenapple_sundance_0004 greenapple_sundance_0005 greenapple_sundance_0006 greenapple_sundance_0007 greenapple_sundance_0008 greenapple_sundance_0009 greenapple_sundance_0010 greenapple_sundance_0011 greenapple_sundance_0012 greenapple_sundance_0013 greenapple_sundance_0014 greenapple_sundance_0015 greenapple_sundance_0016 greenapple_sundance_0017 greenapple_sundance_0018 greenapple_sundance_0019 greenapple_sundance_0020 greenapple_sundance_0021 greenapple_sundance_0022 greenapple_sundance_0023 greenapple_sundance_0024 greenapple_sundance_0025 greenapple_sundance_0026 greenapple_sundance_0027 greenapple_sundance_0028 greenapple_sundance_0029 greenapple_sundance_0030 greenapple_sundance_0031 greenapple_sundance_0032 greenapple_sundance_0033 greenapple_sundance_0034 greenapple_sundance_0035 greenapple_sundance_0036 greenapple_sundance_0037 greenapple_sundance_0038 greenapple_sundance_0039 greenapple_sundance_0040 greenapple_sundance_0041 greenapple_sundance_0042

Flowers: Tinge Floral Gown: Michelle Roth, Kleinfield Bridal Cake: Granite Bakery Rings: Fitzgerald Jewelry Invitations: Hannah Arrington Designs, Ink Run Press Entertainment: Don Woodbury DJ, Julia Meecham

Kim and Alex | Summer Backyard Wedding


 Kim and Alex, together keep the world spinning on. It may be in part to their fabulous hair, but really, it has everything to do with the way Kim makes Alex laugh, the way Alex looks at her with absolute adoration, and together, their perfect happiness.

Kim_GreenApple_0002 Kim_GreenApple_0003 Kim_GreenApple_0004 Kim_GreenApple_0005 Kim_GreenApple_0006 Kim_GreenApple_0007 Kim_GreenApple_0008 Kim_GreenApple_0009 Kim_GreenApple_0010 Kim_GreenApple_0011 Kim_GreenApple_0012 Kim_GreenApple_0013 Kim_GreenApple_0014 Kim_GreenApple_0015 Kim_GreenApple_0016 Kim_GreenApple_0017 Kim_GreenApple_0018 Kim_GreenApple_0019 Kim_GreenApple_0020 Kim_GreenApple_0021 Kim_GreenApple_0022 Kim_GreenApple_0023 Kim_GreenApple_0024 Kim_GreenApple_0025 Kim_GreenApple_0026 Kim_GreenApple_0027 Kim_GreenApple_0028 Kim_GreenApple_0029 Kim_GreenApple_0030 Kim_GreenApple_0031 Kim_GreenApple_0032 Kim_GreenApple_0033 Kim_GreenApple_0034 Kim_GreenApple_0035 Kim_GreenApple_0036 Kim_GreenApple_0037 Kim_GreenApple_0038 Kim_GreenApple_0039 Kim_GreenApple_0040 Kim_GreenApple_0041 Kim_GreenApple_0042 Kim_GreenApple_0043 Kim_GreenApple_0044 Kim_GreenApple_0045 Kim_GreenApple_0046 Kim_GreenApple_0047 Kim_GreenApple_0048 Kim_GreenApple_0049 Kim_GreenApple_0050 Kim_GreenApple_0051 Kim_GreenApple_0052 Kim_GreenApple_0053 Kim_GreenApple_0054 Kim_GreenApple_0055 Kim_GreenApple_0056 Kim_GreenApple_0057 Kim_GreenApple_0058 Kim_GreenApple_0059 Kim_GreenApple_0060 Kim_GreenApple_0061 Kim_GreenApple_0062 Kim_GreenApple_0063 Kim_GreenApple_0064 Kim_GreenApple_0065 Kim_GreenApple_0066 Kim_GreenApple_0067 Kim_GreenApple_0068 Kim_GreenApple_0069 Kim_GreenApple_0070 Kim_GreenApple_0071 Kim_GreenApple_0072

Videography: Shane Rickard Films Catering: Magleby's Cake: Annie Pugmire, Love Bee Cakes Suit: Zara Rings: Wilson Diamonds Florals: Lizy Bowden Lizys Lilies Paper Goods: Kirsten Kizerian West End Girl Hair and Make-up: Bride, Kimberly Call Band: Guy Golightly Dress: Custom made by Michelle Golightly, hand beading by bride and mom, Kimberly and Lynn Call

Lizzy and Chase | Texas Prairie Wedding

greenapplephotography_0001_texasprairiewedding When a Michigan girl meets a California boy in Utah, true love happens. When they get married in Texas, it turns into pure magic.

Thank you, thank you Lizzy for having me fly all the way out to be a part of your beautiful, intimate wedding. There might have been a little rain (so much rain!) at the Ceremony, but that didn't stop a single thing. Snippet and Ink ran a lovely feature on these two today, and check them out for more of the amazing details, and heart and soul Lizzy poured into her wedding.

XOXO ~ Lindsey

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Ceremony: Houston Temple Reception: The Prairie By Rachel Ashwell Dress: Rivini via Avenia Bridal Suit: J. CrewCatering: Bistro 108 Cake: The Best Little Cake Shop in Texas Bridesmaids: Shabby Chic Event Planning and Design: Bungalow 47 Shoes: Boot Barn Music: Lucy Scholl

Abandoned Mansion | Film Editorial

“Love her, love her, love her! If she favours you, love her. If she wounds you, love her. If she tears your heart to pieces – and as it gets older and stronger, it will tear deeper – love her, love her, love her!” -Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


I've always loved the darker side of things. Wuthering Heights was the first book that I really remember inhaling (anyone else read like that?) I like stormy days, and songs in minor, wandering souls, and I've been a lover of fairy tales as long as I can remember. Early spring tends to bring this side out of me, and Allison, of La Feté, and I were inspired by the darker side of fairy tales, with a little Great Expectation mixed in. We wanted a shoot that was haunting, emotive, and follows the journey of a girl, neglected in her wedding finery, waiting for her lost love.

There are so many stories I want to tell about this shoot, which we secretly dubbed, haunted mansion. From my assistant falling into a rotting pool of water, flowers three days late, some blood and near fainting, there was definite a bit of misadventure going on as well. But that is what makes what we do such a great adventure. Read below for all the amazing contributors, who lent their talents and gifts to our labor of love!

If you'd like to see, Abandoned Mansion was featured on Magnolia Rouge! Eek! Also, I wanted to send a lot of love to Allison, La Feté. She has been an amazing collaborator, friend, artist and soul sister. There was a lot going on during this shoot, and she still created the most beautiful world. Thank you Allison!

greenapplephotography_0002_abandoned greenapplephotography_0003_abandoned greenapplephotography_0004_abandoned greenapplephotography_0005_abandoned greenapplephotography_0006_abandoned greenapplephotography_0007_abandoned greenapplephotography_0008_abandoned greenapplephotography_0009_abandoned greenapplephotography_0010_abandoned greenapplephotography_0011_abandoned greenapplephotography_0012_abandoned greenapplephotography_0013_abandoned greenapplephotography_0014_abandoned greenapplephotography_0015_abandoned greenapplephotography_0016_abandoned greenapplephotography_0017_abandoned greenapplephotography_0018_abandoned greenapplephotography_0019_abandoned greenapplephotography_0020_abandoned greenapplephotography_0022_abandoned greenapplephotography_0023_abandoned greenapplephotography_0024_abandoned greenapplephotography_0025_abandoned

Many thanks to,

Model: Amanda Larsen, for being embodying our concept, being a beautiful soul inside and out, and putting up with a whole lot of crazy, all while maintaining happy spirits. You are amazing! Florals/Stylist: Allison Baddley from La Feté MUA: Flavia from Versa Artistry Invitation Suite: Pink Piggy Design Cake: Tauri with Pippa Cakery: Cake Stand and Tablescape chairs: Maison Boutique Chaise and broken chair: Lynette with Refined Vintage Assistants: Kate Lovell, and Jenny Bradley

Catherine and Jama | Utah Backyard Wedding

greenapple_backyard wedding_0001 Catherine and Jama are the start of something really, really wonderful. I loved my time with them! Time spent exploring mountains, and eating tacos, running through fireworks and celebrating their happiness! It's been pretty much the best. Thank you for having me along for the journey! Congratulations Catherine and Jama!

Also, a shout-out to Lizy Bowden for the gorgeous flowers. She is amazing!

greenapple_backyard wedding_0002greenapple_backyard wedding_0003 greenapple_backyard wedding_0004 greenapple_backyard wedding_0005 greenapple_backyard wedding_0006 greenapple_backyard wedding_0007 greenapple_backyard wedding_0008 greenapple_backyard wedding_0009 greenapple_backyard wedding_0010 greenapple_backyard wedding_0011 greenapple_backyard wedding_0012 greenapple_backyard wedding_0013 greenapple_backyard wedding_0014 greenapple_backyard wedding_0015 greenapple_backyard wedding_0016 greenapple_backyard wedding_0017 greenapple_backyard wedding_0018 greenapple_backyard wedding_0019 greenapple_backyard wedding_0020 greenapple_backyard wedding_0021 greenapple_backyard wedding_0022 greenapple_backyard wedding_0023 greenapple_backyard wedding_0024 greenapple_backyard wedding_0025 greenapple_backyard wedding_0026 greenapple_backyard wedding_0027 greenapple_backyard wedding_0028 greenapple_backyard wedding_0029 greenapple_backyard wedding_0030 greenapple_backyard wedding_0031 greenapple_backyard wedding_0032 greenapple_backyard wedding_0033 greenapple_backyard wedding_0034 greenapple_backyard wedding_0035 greenapple_backyard wedding_0036 greenapple_backyard wedding_0037 greenapple_backyard wedding_0038 greenapple_backyard wedding_0039 greenapple_backyard wedding_0040 greenapple_backyard wedding_0041 greenapple_backyard wedding_0042 greenapple_backyard wedding_0043 greenapple_backyard wedding_0044

Flowers: Lizy Bowden, Lizy's Lilies Cake: Janessa Jones

Gather Editorial

Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Sometimes you get lucky enough to meet a kindred soul, a la Anne of Green Gables style. I'm so lucky to have met Allison Baddley, owner of La Fete Floral and Events. Allison is an amazing talent, and we have been collaborating together on a little project called, Love Elements. The premise is simple. We want to create simple, beautiful inspiration, based off of three elements. For our first shoot, we wanted to focus on wheat, persimmon, and gold. Allison says it beautifully below. A huge thank you to Laura Miller, of You Doll Design for the calligraphy, and Beckie Winston, of Maison Confisserie and Boutique for the beautiful jewelry. Read below to read Allison's eloquent description.

Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals

For our first Love elements collaboration, we were inspired by the word “Gather” and wanted to showcase autumn’s natural bounty.  We liked the idea of gathering a big bouquet of golden wheat straight from nature, so obvious to us our first element was going to be  - WHEAT.

From there, we decided that we would like a natural looking model with wheat colored hair in a simple wheat colored dress. We liked the idea of using her natural beauty with a pop of orange red on her lips and darling orange booties. Our thoughts again went to the rich colorful fruits of the season and our 2nd element came to mind - PERSIMMON.

Even though the model is a natural beauty, we still wanted to add some sparkle to our shoot and we looked to Beckie Winston, the owner of Maison Confisserie & Boutique for something delicate and pretty that represented the gold found in autumn.  She donated the simple, yet amazing earrings and bracelets for the shoot and we decided that they represented our last element perfectly – GOLD.

The love element story – Everything about our story was inspired by our 3 Love elements. We decided that the Utah Mountains were the perfect setting because the backdrop is breathtakingly stunning this time of year.  Also, we instantly thought of the sweet and beautiful Elizabeth Pynes to use as our model.  She has never modeled before and has such a sweet quality about her because, believe it or not, she has no idea how beautiful she is. The story follows the simple path of a young girl in love.  She is out for an autumn stroll with the intent of gathering nature’s harvest.  Along the way, she gathers a bountiful bushel of golden wheat and also makes an autumnal bouquet and adorns her hair with flowers.

Credits: Florist: Allison Baddley/La Fete, Calligrapher: Laura Miller/You Doll Design, Jewelry: Maison Confiserie et Boutique