Brooke & Lane Bridals ~ Utah Wedding Photographer

Bridal photography has a special place in my heart. There's something beautiful about being in this space with two people deeply in love, dressed in the clothes chosen as a commitment. Life won't always be this fancy. Maybe it will never be this fancy again. Life will be painting your new apartment, stains on your shorts, or kids, and spit-up on your shirt. There will be packing for your first big move, dust covering everything, and honestly, that's the kind or realness that makes up a full life. But for right now, cherish this fancy, beautiful, just the two of us times, with gowns, and flowers, and all the promise of tomorrow. It's the foundation of the very, very, very beginning. One day your grandchildren will look at these pictures, as I looked at mine, and marvel at your newness and how lovely you looked. Because what they are really marveling at is two people before they ever knew them, your freshness and your promise.These are magic days!

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Gown: Alta Moda ~ Augusta Jones Contax 645 ~ Fuji 400H

Charity and Ian | Utah Autumn Wedding

Fall_Wedding_Utah_0002_greenapplephotography Clear eyes, full hearts.

That's the way Charity and Ian see the world and it's the way they love everyone in that world.

I'm just so grateful I was able to spin in their orbit for a little bit. One little story. Charity and Ian hand wrote thank you letters to every single wedding dinner guest, including me. I was incredibly touched and I feel like that sums up the two of them pretty well. Always paying it forward, adding to the goodness in the world.

You can view Charity's lovely blog here, where she chronicles their love story and adventure.

Fall_Wedding_Utah_0003_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0004_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0006_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0007_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0009_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0011_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0013_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0014_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0015_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0016_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0017_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0018_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0019_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0020_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0021_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0022_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0024_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0027_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0028_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0029_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0030_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0031_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0032_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0033_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0034_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0035_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0037_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0038_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0039_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0040_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0041_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0042_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0043_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0044_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0045_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0046_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0047_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0048_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0049_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0050_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0051_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0052_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0053_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0054_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0055_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0056_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0057_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0058_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0059_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0060_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0061_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0062_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0063_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0064_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0065_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0066_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0067_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0068_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0069_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0070_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0071_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0072_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0073_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0074_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0075_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0076_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0077_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0078_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0079_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0080_greenapplephotography

Bridal:The Perfect Dress / Suit:HM Cole / Videography: West End Creative Group / Floral and Decor:Lindsay Spencer / Invitations: October Ink, Bjorn Press / DJ: Eli Eyre / Catering: Cozette Carlson, Seine Macarons / Rentals: All out Tent and Event Rental / Rings: Adiamore and Melanie Casey Jewelry / Bridesmaids: Boden, ASOS, Anthropologie

Elyse and David Sundance Wedding ~ Published Utah Bride and Groom

greenapple_sundance_0001I've been waiting to share this wedding for over a year, and the day is finally here! Elyse and David's incredibly thoughtful and beautiful wedding is published in Utah Bride and Groom! I couldn't think of a prettier home for a wedding that was completely heartfelt. This wedding means a lot to me for many reasons. I watched Elyse grow up. I moved into her neighborhood when I was a newlywed myself and ended up being her Church teacher. And I always loved Elyse. She was someone who had a vision for her life, knew what she wanted, had a wicked sense of humor and the warmest heart. We kept in touch over the years, and she met the perfect man in David. They are artists and teachers, living in New York City. Their love story is a special one, one of friendship, support and love in good times and the not so good times. They are both articulate, kind, generous, creative, and adventurous. Elyse and David's vision was to combine Elyse's love of the Utah mountains, with their home in New York City, so rustic big city? The wedding was a family affair of contributing talents, from the Chuppa,  invitations by Elyse's sister, Hannah, and beautiful acoustic music from a close friend.  David drew scenes of New York on the table cards and serenaded Elyse. Their vows brought me to tears, their speeches made me laugh (and mad libs!) and I truly felt that I was witnessing two soul mates starting their journey together.

Congratulations Elyse and David! And Thank you Val at Utah Bride and Groom for the lovely feature in the new magazine!

greenapple_sundance_0002greenapple_sundance_0003 greenapple_sundance_0004 greenapple_sundance_0005 greenapple_sundance_0006 greenapple_sundance_0007 greenapple_sundance_0008 greenapple_sundance_0009 greenapple_sundance_0010 greenapple_sundance_0011 greenapple_sundance_0012 greenapple_sundance_0013 greenapple_sundance_0014 greenapple_sundance_0015 greenapple_sundance_0016 greenapple_sundance_0017 greenapple_sundance_0018 greenapple_sundance_0019 greenapple_sundance_0020 greenapple_sundance_0021 greenapple_sundance_0022 greenapple_sundance_0023 greenapple_sundance_0024 greenapple_sundance_0025 greenapple_sundance_0026 greenapple_sundance_0027 greenapple_sundance_0028 greenapple_sundance_0029 greenapple_sundance_0030 greenapple_sundance_0031 greenapple_sundance_0032 greenapple_sundance_0033 greenapple_sundance_0034 greenapple_sundance_0035 greenapple_sundance_0036 greenapple_sundance_0037 greenapple_sundance_0038 greenapple_sundance_0039 greenapple_sundance_0040 greenapple_sundance_0041 greenapple_sundance_0042

Flowers: Tinge Floral Gown: Michelle Roth, Kleinfield Bridal Cake: Granite Bakery Rings: Fitzgerald Jewelry Invitations: Hannah Arrington Designs, Ink Run Press Entertainment: Don Woodbury DJ, Julia Meecham

Mallory and Josh | Utah Maternity

greenapplephotography_0001_maternity But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; And to bleed willingly and joyfully. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving; To rest and the noon hour and meditate love's ecstasy: To return home at eventide with gratitude; And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.

-Kahlil Gibran The Prophet

greenapplephotography_0002_maternity greenapplephotography_0003_maternity greenapplephotography_0004_maternity greenapplephotography_0005_maternity greenapplephotography_0006_maternity greenapplephotography_0007_maternity greenapplephotography_0008_maternity greenapplephotography_0009_maternity greenapplephotography_0010_maternity greenapplephotography_0011_maternity greenapplephotography_0012_maternity greenapplephotography_0013_maternity greenapplephotography_0014_maternity greenapplephotography_0015_maternity greenapplephotography_0016_maternity  greenapplephotography_0018_maternity greenapplephotography_0019_maternity greenapplephotography_0020_maternity greenapplephotography_0021_maternity greenapplephotography_0022_maternity greenapplephotography_0023_maternity greenapplephotography_0024_maternity greenapplephotography_0025_maternity greenapplephotography_0026_maternity greenapplephotography_0027_maternity greenapplephotography_0028_maternity greenapplephotography_0029_maternity greenapplephotography_0030_maternity greenapplephotography_0031_maternity greenapplephotography_0032_maternity greenapplephotography_0033_maternity I love this sweet family, and so happy their long awaited boy is now here! Congratulations Mallory and Josh!