Saaltco | Utah Commercial Photographer

One of the things I like to do with each brand I work with is send a questionnaire that digs into their brand ethos, client, goals and vision. It really helps me create a story and content that is authentic to each client. I love reading through the mission statements, because they reflect so much power, hard work, and dedication. When Saaltco reached out to me, they really wanted to tell the story of a confident and strong woman. Saaltco works to bring affordable and sustainable period care to women, and works with charity partners to fund education and opportunities to women and girls in need.

I was so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team working together on this project.

A big thanks to Cat Delong from Saaltco, Sharstin Miller for Styling, and Phoebe Davenport for bringing her light and energy to the shoot!

Lindsey Stewart Photography | Utah Commercial Photographer

Magnolia Rouge Feature | Summer Solstice Editorial

Like a river, like a river, sh-
Like a river, like a river, sh-
Like a river, like a river
Shut your mouth and run me like a river
How do we fall in love
Harder than a bullet could hit ya?
How do we fall apart
Faster than a hair pin trigger?
Don’t you say, don’t you say it
Don’t say, don’t you say it
One breath, it’ll just break it
So shut your mouth and run me like a river
— Bre Briggs

I’m so grateful and excited to share some work I created with Amber Reverie this last summer. It was hard to put into words what this experience meant to me, but since I needed to for Magnolia Rouge! I tried. It might be truest to say, Amber was a soul sister, when I needed a soul sister, and her work has inspired me to find the hidden places in me, that needed an outlet. And if nothing shouts, 3 girls doing a photoshoot, maybe playing Amelie on our phones and watching the sun set, while the salty waves of the great salt lake washed over the bouquet, does.

Lindsey Stewart Photography with Amber Reverie featured on Magnolia Rouge.

Amber and I connect on a similar storytelling path. I’ve been drawn to her thoughtful presence and stillness. She creates from the soul, and we knew we wanted to tell a story through movement, light, and the beautifully frayed blouse. It seemed fitting that we pulled the shoot together more from feelings then details. Our muse was SOPHIE KYNASTON, who perfectly stepped into the story and space we created with her, adding her own soulful presence. One of the greatest gifts in working in this industry is connecting and creating with women who lift and support each other, leaning on each other’s strengths. We were striving to create something that touched us, and when the sun hid behind the clouds early, robbing us of the golden sunlit the Great Salt Lake is known for, the shoot became extra magical. With rapidly fading light Sophie stepped into the water, reaching for the fading light. We set the flowers undulating as the waves washed over them. Then played the soundtrack from Amelie. Because who doesn’t?"