Courtney & the Babes | Natural Skincare Branding

Skincare has been a part of my mental space for as long as I can remember. I clearly remember my first pimple, and the all the internal and external struggles I had since then. Pregnancy added a new dimension, along with an increased desire to move towards natural skincare products. For all the money I feel like just recently am I understanding skin, it’s functions, to be grateful for it, and how to treat it right.

When I came across Courtney & the Babes on Instagram, her brand immediately resonated with me. Courtney’s vulnerability online, her brand aesthetic, her desire to create products that are effective and natural. When creating her branding shoot, Allison Baddley and I worked on really digging into her brand, story, and the message she was sharing. It wasn’t hard to find the heart and passion, a Mama creating healthy products, made with love.

Branding is really the piece of a project I love the most. I love digging into the stories of each brand, and I’m grateful to create images for Courtney & the Babes and her beautiful, natural skin care line.