Utah Mountain Engagement Photos | Shaelyn & Tyler


Love looks like a lot of things. But the love that looks like laughter is maybe my favorite love of all. It can weather a whole lot of storms. I feel like I'm probably right in the middle of this. And that's strange. For a long time I thought I was at the beginning, but 18 years maybe puts me past the start. Sometimes I miss the not knowing. There's a weariness that can come with life. It can weigh you down and beat you up, and you weather the knocks and then stand back up. But there is also a strength that comes with that. And we can you can do it as a team, when you can laugh late at night, because all three kids cried at different times, and you forgot the things you needed to remember, and when your son Jack keeps saying, Dammmit! Ha! It's good to have that laughter in your back pocket. And when you have problems, it's when you forgot to laugh, at yourself, at life, with your partner.

So starting out with joy. It's not such a bad way to begin all that is coming. All the good. All the tears. All they whys? When I see couples, like Shaelyn & Tyler, just starting but laughing the whole way, when their bodies find each other, and their eyes connect together, it makes me say, YES! You, you've found it. You've found the piece that matters.

Thank you, Shaelyn & Tyler, for letting your joy shine during your engagement photo session.