Snowbird, Utah Wedding | Caity and Brendan

Only from the heart can you touch the sky
— Rumi

It's January, just around the time I start to yearn for the world to wake up and shake out her glory. I'm a two-month winter kind of Lady, but I live in a six-month winter kind of a place. But I started to feel alive and awake today, and my mind reached out to what feeds that. For me, It's connection and beauty and good people.

Caity and Brendan's wedding was connection and love and beauty and good people. From the moment I met them, I fell in love with Caity and Brendan and their families. When people let you in and trust you, it's the greatest gift. From hundreds of hand folded origami honoring Caity's Japanese background, to a wedding ceremony at the top of the world, their wedding felt both expansive and intimate. I guess that's the dream I have for myself and everyone I meet, to feel the whole world swirling around you and to be surrounded by those who love you best.

Thank you a million times over Caity and Brendan for letting document your love!

Venue: Snowbird