lovers day, bits and pieces

Here's a little bit of what our Valentine's looked like. We never made it to the movie (molten cakes take a long time to prep,) and Lucy maybe had a melt-down or two, "no pasta! no pasta! no pasta!" But that is what Valentines at home are all about, right?

These gorgeous flowers were waiting for me when I woke up. I loved them. I LOVE them. And I love Sarah from Honey of a Thousand Flowers, because she is a genius. This is the prettiest arrangement I have ever received.

A few of Scott's favorite things and then a little something special.

See that cute heart? Scott ripped it right in half. Sad.

Lucy was obsessed with "daddy's balloon!" until Scott said it was going to get her. And now she says, "scary balloon."

Knock! Knock! Knock! Who could it be?

Making sure she doesn't leave any candy behind. Who cares about that other present?

And Lucy loved hated her Valentine present. It was so sad. She loves Cinderella, she loves dress-ups. I thought it would be a match made in blue-rayon heaven. But she wouldn't wear it. She wouldn't look at it. She wouldn't touch it. For someone who wasn't even sure if she liked princesses, I was pretty crushed. Oh well, at least we had molten cakes and blueberry ice cream to look forward too. Scott and I make a good team. He made the molten cakes, and I made the ice cream. In fact, he made the molten cakes why I went to the gym between dinner and dessert. Romantic fail on my part, but romantic win on his. This tops as one of the best desserts we have ever made. I ate two, and finished off the ice cream.

And look at this. The next day I put on a dress and Lucy got all excited. We dressed up together and had a dance party.

Look at old she is getting. It makes my heart hurt a little.

This was my favorite Valentine's yet! I love that Lucy is getting old enough to enjoy the holidays with us.

Halloween, a few months late

I know Christmas's cozy memory is just barely fading, and Halloween, was like, four holidays ago, but sometimes that happens with my personal film. The stuff comes back at the most inconvenient times. It may not be season appropriate, but it is my favorite holiday, so I'm throwing convention to the wind and posting it now. January is a bit dreary anyway, and could use some cheering up.

This was Lucy's first official trick or treating Halloween. We brought her home her on 10.31.09 and I'm not quite crazy enough to take a 4 day old out trick or treating. There is a funny story, however, about me nursing her in the front room, and persistent Trick or Treaters at the front door. Want to hear it? Actually, that's pretty much it. "Mom, I think someone is there, Mom can we wait a bit longer? I think they are just watching TV." And then last year it rained, dumping monsoon qualities of rain. So last year was a no go too.

This year though, this year was perfect. We got the whole neighborhood gang together, and quickly dominated the streets! Ok, just kidding. But we live in an older neighborhood, so it was fun to see so many little monsters, princesses, cavemen and bumble bees all dressed up together. The only sad part was the Lucy tuckered out way before I was ready. Did I mention I love Halloween? I was the kid who would stay out until neighbors started unloaded all of their candy. My dad would drop off sibling after sibling, and we would stay out as long as my little heart and legs would last.

Lucy doesn't quite get the concept. There is nothing more awesome then dressing up and then people giving you candy, just because you showed up at their door. It's amazing.

Happy, belated, belated Halloween!

the road we travel

Photo by Yan Photography

I'm a day late on the whole resolution thing, but that is okay, considering that this year I want my resolutions to be about the journey, not the destination. Most of the time I resolve to lose 5 pounds, or 15. Not so for 2012.

In 2012 I vow to embrace the journey, for all it's up and downs, it's obstacles and triumphs.

I vow to live more in the present. To relish the time Lucy, Scott and I spend together, and not to spend it thinking about some future task.

I vow to accept that fear and uncertainty is a part of my life, but I won't let it rule my life.

I accept that I will have hard days, days where I don't get much done, days when I'm sad. 2012 is a year of change for me and I'm looking at it with eyes clear to the challenges it holds. I will have set-backs. I vow to let this shape me, but not define me.

I vow to accept that I can only do my best. Sometimes my best doesn't get me very far. But that doesn't mean that I'm not successful or worthwhile.

I vow to continue my journey of healthy living. For me, this means I don't lose a pound a week, or a pound a month sometimes. But if I'm eating right and exercising, I'm moving forward.

I vow to accept that this journey wasn't the one I thought I would have. I will not compare myself to others, and think myself less, because I have not gone where they have gone. My journey is unique to me.

I vow to see the beauty and not the ugliness, to add to that beauty with my words, thoughts and actions.

I vow to accept myself, all 5'4".

I vow to love with an open heart, and be quick to forgive. To let go of hurt more easily, and to withhold judgement.

2012, I vow to embrace you, with all my heart. Bring it, 2012. I'm as ready for you as I will ever be.

"When someones makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision. "The Alchemist" by Paul Coelho

Lucy turns 2 | Halloween Birthday Party

Lucy turned two! And we celebrated with costumes, doughnuts, games and candy. We had so much fun! About a month before the big day, I turned to Scott and said something along the lines of, "I want to keep it simple this year." And Scott just laughed. He was right, of course. We maybe didn't make a ginormous pinata but we did want a fun area for all the kids. So we created pumpkin bowling, and pumpkin decorating, and filled balloons with candy, and strung them across the patio. The candy filled balloons were a hit and a behind the scenes disaster. We got it all ready the night before, but somehow in the process of stringing them up, they kept deflating, and the strings got all twisted, and we were stuffing candy and blowing up balloons, right to the very last minute. But the funniest thing was that they kept popping all during the party because it was such a hot day. It was like, "Free Meal!" at Cafe Rio, except the kids yelled, "CANDY!" and dived in. There were a few balloons left to pop at the very end, and the popping of the balloons was the hit of the party.

But the best part was seeing Lucy so happy and surrounded by all those who love her. We feel grateful that Lucy is growing up with cousins and aunts and uncles and grandma's and grandpa's and friends, who make her feel so special.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! You aren't really my baby anymore, but I'm going to keep calling you that for just a little while longer.

And last year, because it is fun to remember...

Lucy's 1st B-day photos taken by my good friend, Kim Orlandini.