Halloween, a few months late

I know Christmas's cozy memory is just barely fading, and Halloween, was like, four holidays ago, but sometimes that happens with my personal film. The stuff comes back at the most inconvenient times. It may not be season appropriate, but it is my favorite holiday, so I'm throwing convention to the wind and posting it now. January is a bit dreary anyway, and could use some cheering up.

This was Lucy's first official trick or treating Halloween. We brought her home her on 10.31.09 and I'm not quite crazy enough to take a 4 day old out trick or treating. There is a funny story, however, about me nursing her in the front room, and persistent Trick or Treaters at the front door. Want to hear it? Actually, that's pretty much it. "Mom, I think someone is there, Mom can we wait a bit longer? I think they are just watching TV." And then last year it rained, dumping monsoon qualities of rain. So last year was a no go too.

This year though, this year was perfect. We got the whole neighborhood gang together, and quickly dominated the streets! Ok, just kidding. But we live in an older neighborhood, so it was fun to see so many little monsters, princesses, cavemen and bumble bees all dressed up together. The only sad part was the Lucy tuckered out way before I was ready. Did I mention I love Halloween? I was the kid who would stay out until neighbors started unloaded all of their candy. My dad would drop off sibling after sibling, and we would stay out as long as my little heart and legs would last.

Lucy doesn't quite get the concept. There is nothing more awesome then dressing up and then people giving you candy, just because you showed up at their door. It's amazing.

Happy, belated, belated Halloween!