Love Elements Trompe l'oiel ~ floral pattern, dahlias, strawberries

greenapplephotography_0001_love_elements_pattern For the latest installation of our Love Elements series, Allison, of Late Fete, and I wanted something simple, happy, and bright! It's this time of winter when Spring might technically be closer, but it feels very, very far away. We thought it would be fun to play with color and pattern, and the results are so shiny and colorful. It makes my heart sing, to see such happy colors.

From Allison, "This is that time of year where we long for the warmth of sun on our faces, flowers as far as the eyes can see, juicy strawberries and color - lots of it! We truly believe, as Audrey Hepburn said, "happy girls are the prettiest girls" and this was the case with our beautiful and sweet model Alex Pynes. She embodies happiness. For this collaboration, we wanted to do a "trompe l'oie"and layer fabric and bright floral together because really sometimes we are surprised by a love that has been there all along, right in front or our eyes."

I think I love these pictures even more, knowing that it was snowing and freezing, hahaha! And we made a last minute background change, literally 5 minutes before the shoot. The best laid plans...

greenapplephotography_0002_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0003_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0004_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0005_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0006_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0007_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0008_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0009_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0010_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0011_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0012_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0013_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0014_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0015_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0016_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0017_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0018_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0019_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0020_love_elements_pattern

florals: La Fete, Model: Alex Pynes