Lucy turns 4

IMG_3383_web Dear Lucy,

Yesterday you turned four. I know you were worried if it would meet all your hopes and dreams. You talked about it every day for an entire year, planning what you wanted, who would come, what we would eat. You talked about what you would get me for my birthday, and Dad, and what kind of cake I wanted, and I could have anything in the whole world! I know you were worried because we were doing it small this year, and no big party, and you didn't know what it meant. And Mom and Dad were worried, because your present got lost in the mail, and we did a last minute scramble the night before. But you were your sweet, silly, happy self. Everything was so exciting! The pink cake, with strawberries and sprinkles, "So pretty mom!" The Princess Barbies? Your favorite! How did we know? I was given a million kisses, a million hugs, and told, "Thank you for the best birthday ever! I love you so much." And that is why it's such a priviledge to surprise you, love you, shower you with happiness. Lucy, you are a ray of sunshine, that beams a million pink sparkles on this family. You worry about us, and if we are all happy. You draw me pictures, every single day, because you want to be a painter artist, and you love to give presents. You pick me flowers every day, and gather leaves, and rocks. You wear pink, on pink, on pink! You make friends wherever you go, and babies and dogs, are your special loves. When we go the park, you ask, so politely, of every dog owner, if you can pet their puppy. And then you kneel, and gently pat them. You want to see every baby, and make them smile. Lucy, you approach every day with the adventure it holds, constantly saying, "I just can't believe how lucky I am!"

We love you so much Baby Girl, even though you wont let me call you my baby. Thank you for coming into this world, and being mine. For teaching me daily that life is beautiful and grand. That it is meant to be explored and most importantly, loved, with absolute abandonment.