Lucy is going to be a big sister and it's a pretty big deal around here! Scott, Lucy and I are so, so excited for this new little one that will be joining us sometime around November 18th. Getting our babies here has proven to be the great challenge in our lives, and I can't express how blessed we feel to have this new one joining our family. Giving Lucy a sibling has been my dream for a long time, and we are just over the moon that we can be a little family of four.

As far as the pregnancy practicalities, I'll be shooting weddings through the end of September and sessions through mid-October and coming back mid-Winter, after the holidays. I'm so excited for all my wonderful clients this year. I have already worked with so many of you, and your joy and happiness has added so much to mine own. When I look at my job, I feel like I get to be at the very beginning of your journey. It's exciting and new and full of promise. Through my struggles to have a family, I have loved your family even more. I love your nieces and nephews, and when you have your own babies, I maybe cry a little bit. Thank you for trusting me to capture the beauty and love that is yours.

Published! This one time, last year.

So, back in 2011 I was published in this kinda amazing magazine. Oh, it was just this little thing called, PDN's Top Knots. Ya know, no big deal :) And then I got super busy with wedding season, and never got around to sharing my happy news. But here I am, finally getting to it. I was in such beautiful company, and was so honored and excited to see Alex and Blake's lovely kiss amongst all the inspiring images. There is something about seeing your work in print, in an actual magazine, that gets my heart all a flutter. So, better late than never, I present PDN Top Knots, 2011! Cool, right?

There it is! There it is!

The online version, and the actual version.

archive week | the blog where I used to post stuff too

I have been so excited about this new blog and website. But, once-upon-a-time, not too long ago, my original blog is where all the action happened. So in honor of all my past lovely couples and families, I'm going to have an Archive Week and showcase some of my favorite sessions from the last year or so.

Also, if you ever want to check out my work for the last 3+ years, you can always head over to the original blog here,

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look. I wouldn't have a job without all of you, and my wonderful clients, so thank you!