The Patch and The Village | Halloween Fun

Sometimes you plan something really fun to do, like going to pick out pumpkins, or going to see the witches at Gardner Village, and it, surprisingly, doesn't seem so fun to a certain feisty toddler. Both of these adventures started off rough. Lucy didn't want to look at pumpkins or go near the pumpkins. She didn't want to look at the witches, or go near the witches, or walk, or be held, or be in her stroller. And she definitely didn't want anyone else to even go near her stroller. This always takes me by surprise, although it shouldn't.

"Why don't you love this super fun thing I have planned," I want to cry. But then, magically, something catches her attention. Like pushing the wheel barrow, or getting candy (hey, whatever it takes.) And then it's the best adventure ever. I think I imagined parenthood as one never-ending play date. We would watch movies, and I would make cookies, and she would love going to the store with me. Yeah, it didn't really work out that way. Scott and I have yet to successfully take Lucy to an actual movie theater, I don't make cookies, and easily going to the store? Forgetaboutit. And I guess that is okay.  One of the many things I'm learning being a mom is that things don't always go as planned, and sometimes a lot of patience is required. But even if it doesn't all turn out perfect, I'm learning that's okay. Scratch that, even more than okay. Because as a family, we are enjoying the ride, even the bit bumpy parts.

the long and weary road of a two-year-old.

oh, and these were two different days, although she is dressed exactly the same. Mama tends to put Lucy in same outfit, multiple days.