grape foccacia

This one time I made Grape Focaccia

Why make Grape Foccacia you ask? Well, there was a desire to be fancy, black grapes were on sale, I had two competing versions of the same was fate, and who am I to argue with that? I'm too lazy to type out the recipe for you, when those who do it better and prettier already have. You can find a variation at Smitten Kitchen and one at Lottie and Doof. I went with Smitten Kitchen because it promised to be easier. Remember when I told you I was lazy?

And seriously, if you are ever in the Foccacia making mood, and happen to have some grapes and thyme (time, ha ha, get it!) on your hands, you should too. A couple things of things I learned; first, I made two rounds, one with halved grapes and one with whole. I liked the halved grapes. I don't know why, they just smooshed up nicer. And second, you can't have too many grapes. I wish I had layered the whole things with grapes, with maybe a few aesthetically pleasing spots peaking through. No! I take that back. No aesthetically pleasing spots, all grapes! There is enough bread underneath to keep you happy. Anyway, all this to say, this experiment was incredibly delicious and satisfying, and I ate more than my fair share.

I should mention that I added an extra Tablespoon of olive oil into the dough and cooked the focaccia on a pizza stone. My own, minor, Lindsey touches, if you will.

Bon Appetit!