Summer, Part one and miss lucy

Here's a little glimpse of our summer so far. Lucy is still obsessed with her bug/spider killing. Yesterday she told Scott,

"Daddy, I saw a spider crawling, and I STEPPED!!! on it. Smash!"

She is fascinated with her owies, and will tell anyone who will listen, "I got an owie at Sammie's house. I feel down. I have an etch (scratch.)" It's her ultimate ice-breaker.

She loves the pool, the blue monster (slide), looking at her bike, and chocolate peanut-butter (who doesn't), sprinkling the cheese on the pizza's, and her new Ariel dolly (which I milked as a bribe all day long.)

We haven't graduated out of diapers, although it is probably time that we do that. She is obsessed with her shoes, and has to sleep with them on, but will hardly let me touch her hair. In fact the Ariel was originally promised, in a moment of desperation, as I tried to curl her hair for family photos. The only article of clothing she will wear are dresses, and preferably, pink ones.

It's crazy to watch this little being, grow into an independent, yet mommy needy person, who has her opinions about everything and repeats everything I say:

"Hold on Mommy, I just need to get sumptin. I'm going downstairs, I'll be right back. Hahahahah, that's funny! I'm going to be a big girl. You okay Mommy? You okay? Wait just a minute. Maybe tomorrow. Ohhey (okay) Let's do it! Time out, right now! Mommy, look at me. Yeah! Sure! Ohhhhh, thank you!!! Oops, hehehehehe, sohwy Mommy!"

Never have I been so aware of what I do and what I say, as I have a mimic who puts her belts up high on her waist, likes to brush my hair, has to eat food on big girl plates, with big girl forks, and has a purse, just like mom.

These last 3 years have been such an adventure with Lucy Bell, and we can only imagine the amounts of fun we will have when Jack gets here!

Twirling in the outfield. There's no crying in baseball, but apparently there is dancing.

Random dog, that Lucy loved.

The, 'I don't know" face.