Oliver, Ollie, Buddy, Stinky, Ollie Bally

Today was a hard day, but we will always be grateful for the five years we had with Oliver. He was and is, my first dog. And my first experience with truly unselfish love. He lived to be a part of our family, and his sweet gift to us will never be forgotten.

Today, we tried to make him as comfortable as possible, love him, and convey just how much it has meant to have him be in our family. Lucy told Oliver stories about doggies that felt happy and not sick any more. She told me not to cry, she promises it will be okay.

It already feels lonely, without his loud tail thump, and happy face to greet us. If you have ever had a pet, I think you know what today was for us. Scott always told me I'd have a really hard day in twelve years, but today we had a really hard one in five. Life isn't always fair, but we are forever grateful that we chose this dog, the one that constantly got stopped for his handsome doggy looks, and happy, sweet personality. Five years ago, on Valentine's day, I gave Scott our sweet Ollie, and our life hasn't been the same since.