Dear Lucy

Last night, after I put you down to sleep, you laid in your crib talking to yourself. These are some of my favorite conversations you have. You read stories to your babies, and talk about your day, "Lucy a good girl, Lucy nice, Ollie good boy, Lucy bye, bye, Lucy bath". I was listening to your babble, when all of a sudden I heard,

"Lindsey! Scott! I'm not sleepy!"

And I just died, I was laughing so hard. You kill me, with your quirky mind and happy spirit. I love that you say, "Let's do it!" whenever you want to go somewhere, and that you skip, swinging your arms, every time you walk. I think it's impossible for you not to bounce, skip or dance as you move from room to room. You request dance parties daily, and you have a sweet move that involves swinging your arms side to side and bouncing to the music.

You still hit and push, which, honestly, really frustrates me. It is times like these I have to remind myself to be patient, because you are frustrated, and tired and it is probably hard to be two. After a recent time-out, I asked you if you hit Daddy, and you told me, "Lucy push, 123, time-out, Sorry Daddy!" I can see your struggles as you go from mad, to sad, to sorry. Sometimes I just want to laugh as you feign nonchalance in the time-out chair (oh, look at this tag, and the floor and the wall.) And sometimes I worry about what kind of teenager you will be, but I also know you will be able to hold your own as you navigate the scary territory of high school, and for that, I'm grateful for your feisty spirit.

Every morning when you wake up, you look at the tree and say, "Ohhh, pretty!" And you like to say, "It's delicious!" or, "Oh, it's gorgeous!" about things you like.

You don't like hot chocolate, or really luke-warm chocolate. After a cold night we went out for some, and when I went to move your glass, you claimed it, "Mine Mommy!"  And then, quickly spit it out all over your clothes, saying, "Here you go Mommy!" and gave me your cup. Right now you're existing on 5 clementines a day, and will eat little else. I would worry, but you I have learned that no matter how many different food items I try to give you, I can't make you eat anything. Eating is our big challenge, but your belly still sticks out nice and proud, and you continue to gain weight, so I will not freak out that you absolutely refuse to eat meat.

If I ever try to rest my eyes when watching a movie, you turn to me and say, "You tired Mommy?! No sleepy!" and demand that I cuddle you instead. Ollie is still your best buddy and you call him "cute, sad, happy" or tell him he is a, "good boy," as your mood fits. You consistently feed him your chocolate from the advent calendar, on the sly, and then demand he gives it back.

You make me laugh a million times a day. Your complete joy in life gives me a wonderful perspective on just how amazing it all really is. I love you Stinky Pants!