Colorado Springs Visit | Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Here's another little adventure from Lucy and my trip to Colorado. Normally, I'm not a huge zoo person (the animals always seem sad to me) but I have to give huge props to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was the best Zoo experience I have ever had. Ever. Lucy ran around the whole time, screaming, "Animals! Animals! Animals!" I think what was so impressive was the large enclosures and hands-on exhibits. We fed Giraffe's and "midgies" and hopped along with Wallabies. Giraffe's are one of my favorite animals, and it was unreal to feed and touch them. Lucy had absolutely no fear, as the big, black, tongue came towards her. We had little adventures everywhere we went. We saw a baby Orangatun kissing it's mama, Gorillas in the midst of turf battles (Mr. B. Gorilla threw all the food he had carefully been collecting to Mr. A.Gorilla, running quickly away,) a tiger roaming right near the fence, a rogue deer in the trees. Lucy was in awe.

But the bear enclosure was the most exciting. We could hear loud growls from quite a distance, and when we got close, two brother bears were wrestling in the water. I should say that I'm actually very afraid of bears (Have you read, "Night of the Grizzlies?) Once, on a hike, Scott and I ran across a mother grizzly and her cub and I thought I was going to die right then, but they were more interested in their huckleberries. Seeing these two brothers up close, and not being worried about being mauled, was amazing. While I was fascinated with the playful brothers, Lucy was more excited about the "fishies" swimming in their lake!

One thing I didn't get a picture of was Lucy on the Merry-Go-Round. Up until now, she hasn't been a fan, but when she saw it, she came a-running, pushing other kids out of the way. When it was finally our turn, she screamed, laughed and cried all at once. It's such a treasure to experience life with Lucy. She gives me an appreciation for how fun and simple life can be.

Can you see her sweet reflection in the window?