Enjoy, be present, be happy

Last year I wrote this post, knowing IVF was in my immediate future. I was terrified of failure and loss this time around. But like last time, we jumped in, heart in hand, with a hope and faith. And here I am, a year later, so grateful for this journey I have traveled. There were hard things; some unexpected bumps, but the year ended with the sweetest thing of all. My heart wants to burst with the glory that is Jack and the wonder that is my family.

My goal this year is simple. Enjoy! Enjoy the simple things, the simple moments, the silly moments, the hard moments and the heart-breakingly beautiful moments. Be present and be happy. That's my wish for 2013. And I wish it for all the lovely people who filled my world this year. Amazing clients, beautiful friends and family. A whole bunch of new people entered my world in 2012, and when I look back, I'm incredibly grateful. I'm grateful for deepening relationships, and support systems, encouragement and inspiration.

Thank you and Happy New Year's!