12 years, but whose counting?

image by Yan Photo

Twelve years ago today there was a tornado. Twelve years ago today I married the man I loved, and still do. Twelve years ago, I didn't know a whole lot about marriage or life, or love, really. In those twelve years we have seen heartache, and happiness, have been poor, and more poor. Have watched the sunset at Sunset Beach, and eaten Gelato on the Spanish steps. We have worked hard, and played hard, and sometimes fought hard. We have fought for our baby (s) and we have cried over our journey. We have laughed at our stinky dog, and little house, and crazy life. We have striven for jobs that fuel our creativity, and have defied the odds. We've had schooling and been schooled, traveled, and stayed home. We have loved, and laughed, and eaten lots and lots of food. Which has mainly gotten better over the years. I have more wrinkles. You have less, hair? I didn't know, when I stood there crying, as a tornado swept through our outdoor wedding, what our life would hold. And here we are, and it hasn't been perfect. I certainly haven't been perfect. But it has been absolutely wonderful. I could never ask for a better friend, partner, lover, supporter, father to our children, soul mate, than you.

What do you say? Twelve more, and then twelve more, and then twelve more...?