Kim and Alex | Utah Mountain Bridals

utah bridals_0001_greenapple We went out of town for a few days, and when we got back, the trees were blooming and the flowers were making their grand debut. It's such a happy day when Spring makes it's official appearance. And it's a really happy day, remembering this beautiful session with Kim and Alex. The day was really rainy (remember how it rained forever last year?) and Kim's dress had layers upon layers of hand beading, and so we stayed carefully put in one beautiful mountain spot, and made some lovely, summer magic. Can you believe Kim hand beaded this amazing dress? From the gorgeous flowers by Lizy Bowden/Lizy's Lilies, and the a super fly man bun, I was in love with the entire session!

Happy Spring!

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Dress: Custom made, Michelle Golightly Flowers: Lizy's Lillies Suit: Zara