Lifestyle and Portrait Sessions


Afternoon Sessions

45 Minutes | Shot on Film and Digital | $375 | Digital Files Delivered

These sessions are fine art documentary, telling the unique story of your family. We work together to dig into the moments and daily activities that bring you joy. From making breakfast, reading books and building forts, there is minimal direction, and instead, I capture you in the space you have created. There is no pressure to smile, dress up, or be perfect. My goal is to feel a deeper sense of love and appreciation for the small joys in life. to remember your family where you are now, and capture the simple beauty of family life. We work together to create a session that is reflective of you and during the shoot there is minimal to 0 direction that involves smile, look at me, move your hair. Instead, there is an emphasis of being in the moment, focusing in on our family, and remembering who you are as a family now, and what you want to have to remember. For me, it's nursing my last daughter, lying on a blanket under the elm tree we planted, and eating homemade popsicles with my older two as we watched clouds on a summer day. 


Lifestyle Session

2 Hours | Shot on Film and Digital | $550 | Digital Files Delivered

These are family sessions that are still lifestyle and candid in nature, but with more direction and composing. If you are looking for a lifestyle session to document your family with a little more direction, and playful interacting, but also getting some timeless and natural family photos, this is a perfect balance of candid and natural family photography. As always, my goal is for you to feel in love, and joy, and we focus on that. I never force children to look at me, so your session might still look like a lot of snuggling, with a little looking at the camera. If you are nervous about an afternoon session or would really like to focus on a classic photo of your family, the lifestyle session is a natural fit of the two. 


Maternity and Newborn

2 Hours | Shot on Film and Digital | $550 | Digital Files Delivered

Maternity and Newborn. Similar to the lifestyle session, but designed for the unique and beautiful nature of maternity and newborn sessions. I love to photograph newborn sessions in home, or in natural light studio (rental fees are $50 per hour) and in Mom and Dad's arms. My newborn sessions are relaxed, following the flows of newborn wake and sleep schedules. I don't use props, and instead, prefer to rely on the interactions between Mom and Dad and siblings, and work with the story of your family. Newborn sessions combine natural family portraiture with lifestyle interactions. Think, lots of laying on bed and snuggling with baby, close-ups and face and profile. It's important for me for baby and family to be comfortable, so we follow baby's cues, and I value joy and comfort over any individual one shot. 

Maternity sessions are often shot outdoors or in studio (Studio fees $50 per hour, 2 hour minimum.) I feel such a strong love and connection to pregnant Mama's. I consult beforehand on clothing and comfort level. Pregnancy is naturally romantic and feminine to me, and I love to photograph in flowing dresses, and beautiful scenery.